World's Largest Wind Chime:

World's Largest Wind Chime

Casey, Illinois is now home to the World's Largest Wind Chime. Measuring more than 55 feet from ground to top, the wind chime is constructed with five metal tubes suspended 49 feet from the ground. The entire structure, including the chimes, weighs 16,932 pounds.

The wind chime is the brainchild of Jim Bolin, co-owner of Casey's Bolin Enterprises. The design, planning, and fabrication took more than two years; the assembly and official measurement involved a collaboration among Bolin family members, friends, and employees.

Located at 109 E. Main Street in downtown Casey, the wind chime features two Jewish stars and two Christian fish on each side of its frame. Since June 2012, visitors from 32 states including Alaska, as well as Canada and South Africa have signed the guest book for the chime. Visit the chime's Facebook page to learn more.

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